Lampeter Food Festival 2016



Saturday morning was a day I had been looking forward to. Once a year there is a food festival just 5 miles from our house and there is usually something delicious to be had. This year was no exception.

Although it looked gloomy when we left the house, it turned out to be lovely and sunny. It was really busy, more so than other years.

Because there was a bit of walking around to be done I decided to walk around for a bit to taste some wares and look what was available before buying so I would not have to lug it around.  I succeeded..somewhat. My son was not successful and ended up carrying his bottles of beer around with him… This morning his arms still ached!

A lot of stands were looking seriously cute and the food available was delicious. We stopped and tasted some scrummy vegetarian pastries. Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture first!  They did have these nice looking “sausages”.


For the meat lovers there were plenty of things to choose from like these beautiful pies! It was nice to see there was Pimms for sale as it was warm and the strawberries looked fabulous too!

Lampeter Food Festival

I totally could not resist the olives from this “Good Med Food” stand, mind you the chap kept feeding me more and more!


They were the juiciest olives I have had for quite a while. Although not cheap they were well worth it, if only to help to keep a clear head after the samples of beer and cider.

I even had a taste of a rather delicious variety of gin!

Obviously there were delightful cakes and other sweet treats here to as well as some health food supplements. I spent a couple of happy hours here and it left me full of ideas for new things to cook at home.

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