Spiralizer: Waste Of Space Or Useful?

Spiralizer: Waste Of Space Or Useful?

Price: 5 / 5

Ease Of Use: 5 / 5

Ease Of Cleaning: 5 / 5

Storage: 5 / 5

Usefulness: 5 / 5

There has been a lot of talk about things like “courgetti” and other spiralized veggies in aid of the low carb diets. I really did not see the point of them. I mean how is it any different for shredded or sliced veggies? So I never really gave it much thought. I like my pasta and well I can grate and slice so no need for yet more kitchen gadget taking up space.

So there I was perusing Pinterest as I am known to do to find some recipes that would help me to lose a bit of weight. I felt that upping protein and lowering carbs a bit would help. So guess what came up as a suggestion? Yeah you got it, spiralized veggies to replace pasta.

I looked them up. Apparently they are a Japanese invention. There are several types. Handheld ones, horizontal and vertical ones. A bit of choice… I looked at the pros and cons and decided to just try a mid range horizontal machine. I did not fancy the handheld one as it would only do small diameter veggies (courgette, carrot parsnip etc) and would take a bit of elbow grease. The horizontal seemed easier. The vertical seemed easier still but they were more expensive and I did not know if I was going to use it that much.

So I bought a horizontal one from Amazon at £17.49 (Prices may vary).

I also bought the book Spiralize Now! 80 Delicious, Healthy Recipes for your Spiralizer. I bought mine at The Works but it is available from Amazon at the same price. It is a fab book with lots of vegetarian and non vegetarian options. It also has recipes for sweet treat and puddings.

So now I have my spiralizer and a cookbook. I tried the machine the first day, just replacing courgettes (zucchinis) for pasta. I found the machine super easy to use and all that was wasted was a small disc and the watery centre of the courgette. It was very quick to spiralize and the machine is super easy to clean (just slide apart and rinse under water).

I boiled the “courgetti” briefly and served it with my usual pasta sauce. I must say I was amazed. It was delicious and surprisingly filling. I used 3 small courgettes and it was plenty for 3 people.

Obviously a kitchen gadget that makes vegetable springs attracts the attention of a 10 year old, so Sproglet was jumping up and down to “have a go”. So he spiralized some onions for the sauce and some carrots for the salad.

So from being a complete skeptic about this funny kitchen gadget I have become the proud owner of it and I LOVE it. Since I bought it I have used it just about every day. It makes the preparation of onions, stir fry veggies and salad ingredients a doddle.

So all in all I heartily recommend this as a great addition to your kitchen!

See my first recipe using the spiralizer! Mexican Baked Potato Nests

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