Delicious Onion Soup

Delicious Onion Soup
On Fridays we Grannysit.

Grandma is 96 years old and loves soup so usually I make soup when she visits.

Normally I do a “Maaltijd” soup as we cloggies call it (a full meal soup) but we had had a late lunch as we had been to a funeral in the morning, so I did a lighter soup.

I used 6 large brown onions and 4 red onions.

The spiralizer made very short work of the onions! It really is a super gadget.


I then melted some butter and coconut oil in a large saucepan. Once this is complete, add in the onions.


Now you have to be patient. To make a nice sweet / savoury onion soup you HAVE to let the onions caramelise.

So pop them in the pan and go prepare the french stick 🙂

To do this slice the stick and toast one side. Turn them over and load with cheese… toast the cheese.

In the meantime occasionally stir the onions, but not too much!

Now if the onions start to go a lovely golden brown it is time to add your stock cubes or tubs. I used these ‘Vegetable Stock Pots’ this time.


But you can use whatever make you want. I often use OXO or a shop brand.

I also add a couple of tablespoons of flour. Just stir it around so it is well mixed.

Now add water. I added enough to make 5 bowls of soup. So maybe 1.5 liter? You don’t want your soup too thin nor too thick.

Now add salt and pepper to taste. If you need a bit of a flavour boost a squirt of Maggi is nice at times but it may not be needed.

If you were not patient enough and your soup does look a bit anaemic just add a tiny dash of dark soy sauce. Not too much, it is quite salty!

And there you are, onion soup! It is quite simple really. If you want your soup thicker then add more onions. I hope you’ll enjoy!

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