Trying Out More Energy Bites To Find One Dad Likes

Today I went in the kitchen with Sproglet on my heels to make some yummy goodies.

Unfortunately I had to sort out the dishwasher first and as only could be expected Sproglet did not stay around to help…

So after I cleared up and I called him he was nowhere to be seen.

I decided to go ahead thinking he’d be around in a few minutes anyway.

I started with some energy bites from Cotter Crunch. It is a fabulous site for those of you who eat gluten-free, lots of yummy recipes!

I started to follow the recipe by whizzing the oats with my mini food processor only to discover that it had expired… it was no more. It was an ex food processor.

Fortunately I did have another gadget – the Hinari Genie Multi Blender MB280.

It did a great job whizzing the oats so I managed to make these little bites today and I am very happy with them.

As predicted Sproglet made a reappearance in time to put the nuggets into little paper cases.

He loved the taste and thought they looked fantastic in the little paper cases.

He was keen to make some more then.

So we decided to make these dark chocolate coconut bites they are like a more scrummy version of a well known coconut bar!

The write up had me in stitches so the blog, Pinch Of Yum, is well worth a visit!

These were very easy to make and I whizzed coconut this time in the Hinari whizzy machine.

Sproglet got in there this time to mix all the ingredients and to melt the chocolate!

I rolled the balls as my hands were cooler than his but it is pretty simple to do with a small child.


Just do the dipping in chocolate yourself if you are not sure if they’ll be safe, the melted chocolate and the boiling water are rather dangerous.

We chilled the balls in the freezer while we had dinner and afterwards dipped them in the melted chocolate.

The chocolate set quickly on the cold coconut mixture and they went in the fridge for a few more minutes.

Then we made coffee (Sproglet is GOOD at making a super frothy cappuccino!) and displayed our goodies on a stand.

The verdict? Ummm… yes, dad liked them!

So a big thank you to the blogs and a big thank you for Sproglet’s enthusiasm.

And yes they are easy, delicious treats to make with your kids.

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