French Supermarkets

My family and I are on holidays in France and that always means foodie adventures.

While I am not a huge fan of supermarket shopping at home I love it here.

The shops are clean and cool (great thing as there is a heatwave) and there are just so many new products and produce that are totally new to me.

I could get lost in there for hours.

Of course there is wine, all sorts and colours.

The thing that impressed me was the variety of wonderful cookware… I mean this is a supermarket and look at the selection of pans!

Also they obviously do not just rely on the stuff available in the shops but there is still a large number of people who preserve their own. Kilner jars are available in multipacks and come in many different sizes.

Loads of wonderful fresh veggies and fruit.

Plus there are giant tins of vegetables too.

One other thing I found was this dispenser for lentils nuts and other dry goods.

And that is not even covering any of the delicious looking cheeses, a large refrigerator filled with many varieties of butter, countless varieties of yoghurt and of course the bakery corner with the most amazing pastries and croissants.

As I said, I could have spend hours in there investigating the wide variety of goods.

A true foodie delight (well, if you are from the deepest darkest parts of Wales that is).

I will have to see which of the goodies I can bring back with me!

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