Food Market in Puymirol

On Saturday we went to one of the regular Food festivals they hold here in Tarn et Garonne.
This one was in a small town called Puymirol.

As we arrived we could see it was very busy, people milling around and cars parked everywhere.

Tables were set up in the square and music was playing.

There was a happy, slightly festive atmosphere.

Everyone was there, young, old, tiny babies, teenagers and quite a few dogs (as well as a shy cat that avoided being photographed!)

There were stalls where the local food producers sold their wares.

Other stalls were selling delicious foods to eat there and then.

After a bit of walking around we decided to try one of the burgers (try not the most imaginative, but they looked sooo scrumptious!)

Those bread rolls looked yummy but they were huge!

The guys looked pretty happy with theirs.

Yes yummy… and HUGE.

For pudding we had a crepe, again very delicious and made in front of us.

Now that was enough for me but Hollow-legs wanted to try some “escargots”.

He is braver than me! He said they tasted nice. As he finished the lot I believe him.

As the sun went under they switched little lights on and everyone carried on talking and eating.

Unfortunately rain did threatened to spoil it so we decided to go home but we did have a fabulous time.

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