Oops, Left-Over Croissants!

Oops, Left-Over Croissants!
…And I forgot about them.

That’s what happens when your family shrinks, you buy a bit too much and stuff gets left over.


Then there is not enough to go around so it is easy to end up throwing perfectly good food out because it is just sitting there too long.

So this time there were a few croissants left over.

Too be honest they weren’t the best I’ve ever had but still, they were edible.

So there they were sitting in their packet. What to do?

And then inspiration struck.

Bread and butter pudding, but with croissants instead.

It turned out I had no sultanas either (how did that happen???) so instead I used chopped up apricots. Worked fabulously.

So if you have some croissants (or chelsea buns, brioche or hot cross buns) you can make this yummy pud!

Serves 4

  • 4 croissants or similar, sliced and buttered
  • 2 large eggs (preferably free range, better for the chickens and tastier)
  • 350 ml mix of milk and cream or coconut milk
  • A small handful of dried fruit of choice
  • Sugar to taste
  • Cinnamon or nutmeg as you prefer



Slice croissants/bread and butter them.

Arrange in a oven proof dish scattering dried fruit in between layers and sprinkling sugar and spice over the layers.

Mix your eggs and milk and whisk it till creamy and smooth.

Pour over the croissants/bread and leave it to soak in for 10 min or so.

Pop it in the middle of the oven at 200 °C (390 °F) for 25-30 min and check that it is golden brown and the egg has set.

Serve with custard or vanilla ice cream.

Enjoy! (even more so if you managed to use up some stale buns 🙂 )

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