How Did I Learn To Cook?

I seem to have learned by osmosis. I used to sit on the freezer while my mum cooked. I just watched what she did without really thinking about it. Then when I thought it was just about ready I just go and lay the table. That’s what I remember, no real cooking lessons.

Then when I was about 13 or so I would cook for them when they were busy with a project or something (once they were taking two chairs apart and joined them to make two-seater settee and re-covered it, but that is another story).

So when I got married (quite young!) I just got on with it Little money and inexperience often meant cheap stuff and nasty pre-prepared stuff. When the kiddos came along though, nutrition became much more important to me. Little did I know about the challenges ahead (good thing too, I might have ran away!)

At age 7 my eldest son became vegetarian… suddenly I had to figure that out. Then two of the kids had trouble with eczema and we worked out it was due to cow’s milk.

Now we were doing dairy-free vegetarian food. Complex you think? Ok daughter dearest develops a sensitivity to wheat… aaarrghh… Yes that is getting difficult.

Well I muddled my way through and I learned a lot.

Different diets don’t scare me much but it has actually taught me to experiment by using substitutes and develop my own recipes. So much so that I tend to use recipes not as rules, more as guidelines really…

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