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How Did I Learn To Cook?

How Did I Learn To Cook?

Cooking. Most of us cook at some time, whether it is boiling an egg, cooking family tea or preparing a fancy dinner party. It can be fun or it can be a chore.

Me, I like cooking. Most of the time. I like cooking when I have an idea what to make or if I get to try a new exciting ingredient or recipe. But sometimes…not so much.

Recently my family had some health issues and this made me look at our diet and what I could do to improve it. Basically our diet was pretty good, mostly vegetarian with plenty of fresh vegetables and things made from scratch. Researching what I could still do to improve led to me discovering some nice new ingredients and different ways of preparing foods. It sparked my love of cooking again.

I found Pinterest and sites like Tasty gave me a boost and loads of new ideas for meals and treats. Now I can never follow a recipe as I am a bit of a rebel so I experiment a lot.  I shared these experiments by talking about them and posting a few pictures on Instagram I had really positive reactions. This made me think about sharing my voyage of discovery on a more permanent basis and the idea of a Blog was born.

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How Did I Learn To Cook?